I had an amazing experience today.

It was great to meet you and everyone. I am feeling fine now, gracias a Dios y su oficina 👍🏽. Francesca answered my many questions last month and without her I may have not booked my appointment.

Karol was very kind and helpful and made a great first impression on me when I arrived. Dr Natalia answered all my questions in a very caring and professional manner and she quickly responded to my WhatsApp question tonight.

That made all made me very happy.

Many thanks to them and especially Dr Garita. He may be the best dentist on Earth! He calmed me down, explained everything in great detail and has a warm personality. It was nice to get to know him and his background.

Near the end of the surgery I called him “Berraco”. It’s a Colombian slang word that I don’t think he knew: “ser berraco” is a high complimentary way to describe someone very intelligent or who is exceptionally able.

Carlos Muñoz
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Carlos, see you soon.

For us in Mario Garita MP Dental Experience, was such a pleasure working with Carlos Muñoz. We put all of our effort in our Patients dental experience, through our team of Specialists and high tech equipment. We emphasize in giving our patients a high quality dental work and a very pleasant time, while at our clinic.

Remember that you can request a free quote for your dental problem. Also, if you are not sure which dental service best suits your problem, we can arrange a telephone appointment to call you. If you have already decided and need to arrange the details of your trip and stay, our patient coordinator Francesca Montenegro will be happy to assist you. In Mario Garita Dental Implants Costa Rica we are wating for you.

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