A beautiful country and a beautiful new smile

Story and photos by Karen Daly
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Costa Rica evokes thoughts of lush rainforests, active volcanoes, intense sun and great waves to surf. But not too long ago, a friend of mine told me about friends of his who had gone to Costa Rica to have their teeth fixed. My first thoughts were:

  • Are they crazy?
  • Why would anyone go to a third world coun­try to get their teeth fixed?
  • Were they looking for trouble?

Then a couple of weeks after having had the conversation with my friend, I met the people who had had their teeth done. Their smiles were im­peccable. I was incredulous and start­ed asking all kinds of questions. The couple had needed major dental work and could not afford the treatment plan their dentist had suggested. They were in need of root canals, dental implants, and crowns.

At home impossible. Costa Rica an affordable option

The treatment they needed would cost in the vicinity of $35,000 for both of them had they had the work done with their dentist. They knew that getting the work done at home was impossible due to cost and started re­searching options online.Costa Rica rivers make this a beautiful country

Costa Rica turned out to be an affordable option. My new friends got me thinking. I have always taken care of my teeth; six month check-ups and any needed cavities repaired and filled. I had noticed over the years however, that the color of my teeth had changed; my smile was not as bright. I had my front teeth bonded after having built up calcium deposits when I was a youth while wearing braces, so whitening my teeth was out of the question as bond­ing material cannot be bleached. I had discussed this with my dentist a while ago who told me my only option was veneers on my front teeth and whiten­ing of the remaining teeth. Veneers at a cost of $2500 a pop, for my six front teeth and Zoom whitening for an ad­ditional $500 would bring the total to well over $15,000.

At the time I remember think­ing, oh well, that’s never going to hap­pen. Now, with the news of my friends going overseas, I started to do my homework.

Doing the Homework

My first thought was… Isn’t Cos­ta Rica a third world country? It didn’t sound like a good idea, but I wanted to understand what my friends had found out. Costa Rica was designated third world years ago, but is now known as developing and believe me, Costa Rica is developing. The dental/medical tour­ism industry is booming. I had counted at least 25 dentists at first glance.

I sent off an email to the five I liked the best, based on where they were trained (USA) and certified, experience and a number of other factors. One of the five dentists did not respond, one of the dentists’ coordinators responded, but his emails were discombobulated and something seemed off, so I passed.

There were several emails ex­changed between myself and the three remaining dental coordinators. I felt so comfortable with the Patient Coor­dinator for the dental clinic I eventually settle on, the choice was easy.

I picked Adult Dentistry of Costa Rica (www.healthcostarica.com) headed by Dr. Garita and Dr. Alvarado. The Patient Coor­dinator put me at ease, answered all the questions I had and even some I hadn’t thought of. She suggested accommo­dations, and when I mentioned having difficulty finding reasonable fares for the flight, she helped me with that too.

The Adventure began

I began the adventure on Monday, November 7th and returned home on Friday, November 11th. My Patient Coordinator had made all of the appointments for me in advance and had discussed the treatment plan with Dr. Juan (as he is affectionately known by his staff and clients). I was greeted on the Tuesday at 1:30 pm. The entire staff was kind, professional and explained everything clearly as we went along.

  • A panoramic x-ray was taken,
  • an exam of my teeth was preformed and
  • I was discussing the plan with Dr. Juan in no time.
  • It was decided that I would get four crowns on my front teeth, two veneers on my eye teeth and have the remaining teeth Zoom Whitened.

The doctor prepared an es­timate, I signed it and then we got straight to the treatment. Four hours later, I had my teeth whitened, and a mold of my teeth before preparation for the crowns/veneers, were made.

A beautiful Costa Rica

Dr. Juan José Alvarado is part of this clinic localte in a beautiful countryI was the one who wanted to get as much done as possible in the first day, so that I could have as much down time as possible to visit the beautiful Costa Rica, otherwise I could have had the initial work done in two appointments. Another appointment was made for Thursday afternoon and I was back at the hotel in about 15 minutes.The fol­lowing day, Wednesday morning, I was up and enjoying a hearty breakfast at the hotel, which is included in the cost of the accommodations.

The Hotel I chose of the many suggested by the Patient Coor­dinator was Apartotel La Sabana (aparthotel-lasabana.com). The hotel and rooms were clean, the staff welcoming and English speaking. There is a pool on the premises, with lounge chairs and beach towels avail­able for the guests. The cost of my room was $60 US a night, breakfast included. There were also kitchenette type rooms available, for $71 a night. So, if you are going to staying for a longer period of time, you can go to the grocery store on the corner of the street and prepare your own meals. I just popped to any one of the number of restaurants with­in a 3 or 4 minute walk. This hotel offers a discount if you mention that you are seeing Dr. Garita, as I would imagine a lot of the other hotels in the area would, so it is worth mentioning. Oh, and as an added bonus, they provide free trans­port from and back to the airport!

There are so many different ex­cursions to enjoy while in Costa Rica, it was very hard to pick just one or two that I wanted to do the most. I decided to go to Jaco beach to get a bit of surf­ing done, and then go off to have a Rain­forest adventure, by getting into a tram for a 90 minute ride through the tree tops, where I was privileged to witness some of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen in my life; rugged mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, a complex web of life that awed me. Some the count­less animals I was fortunate enough to see were toucans, guans, tapirs (very funny looking animals), and my favor­ite, spider monkeys! After the tour, it was time for a little excitement so I took a quick zip line/canopy tour. I’ve zip lined in many countries, but nothing compared to this; I cannot adequately describe the stunning scenery.

After that it was back to the ho­tel for a relaxing evening. I took a short walk with a couple from Wisconsin (that was also staying at my hotel and hav­ing work done by another dentist in the area) to the RostiPollo on the corner and had a lovely chicken meal and two cer­vezas for $10, tax and tip included. Ac­tually, the tip is always included when you get the bill in any restaurant there.

A beautiful Smile

Thursday morning, another great start to my day with a tasty meal, a little lounging by the pool with a good book and then it was time to go back to the dentist. Once there, I spoke to Dr. Juan who showed me around the of­fice, where I met the charming techni­cian working in the onsite lab where my crowns and veneers were made (this is one of the reasons why the wait-time is so drastically reduced).

A little bit of tweaking here and little bit of tweaking there and two hours later, I got a chance to see my new smile. I was speechless. I never imag­ined that it would be such a dramatic change, but was it ever. I couldn’t stop smiling and looking at my new smile in the mirror.

Back to the hotel where I packed and prepared for the trip home the next morning.

After another breakfast where I enjoyed the sweetest pineapple I have ever eaten, the transport was at the ho­tel to take me to the airport by 9 am. I was back home before I knew it and I am still, months later, tremendously happy with the results. And exceedingly hap­py with the fact that I spent a total of $4,000 which included airfare, hotel, food and taxis to and from the dental office as opposed to the $15,000 plus my dentist had quoted.

I also took the time to visit my dentist and ask his expert opinion. He thought the work was very well done and was quite impressed. I then found out my insurance company covered a good portion of the work.

What more could I ask for?

So what have we learned, class?

  • I was able to get affordable, profession­al dental work done;
  • I had a fantastic mini-vacation/getaway in a magnificent interesting country, and
  • I have so much more self-confidence when I smile with my teeth (instead of a closed mouth) or laugh without my hand in front of my mouth.

Should you be contemplating dentistry in Costa Rica or any other for­eign country, the number one rule is to thoroughly check the credentials of the dentist. Do not base your choice on re­views on the internet; you can’t count on them being authentic.

If you do decide to choose Adult Dentistry, contact the Patient Coordinator in Mario Garita Dental Implants. 

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