I’m Terry Pritchard. I am here at Dr. Mario Garita‘s dental office in Escazu, Costa Rica.

I’m so excited because I just got my teeth finished. They look beautiful and I feel like $1 million dollars.

I’ve not been able to eat an apple for like … 30 years. So, here we go …

“I can eat an apple… I can probably eat a coconut!!!!

Terry Pritchard
Colorado, USA

The Apple Challenge

by Mario Garita MP Dental Office

Terry Pritchard, from Colorado, USA, has made the Apple Challenge of Dr Mario Garita’s Dental Clinic.

This is a challenge that we propose to some of our clients. Mainly to show the excitement of having your teeth back, and to feel all the fruit flavours that you had put away from your personal food menu. The reasons: fear of damaging your teeth or also for not being able to bite some fruits and vegetables; as special as apples, pears or coconut.

Our patients are happy to bite again. And to have the confidence of a treatment in a world class dental clinic like Mario Garita MP Dental Office in Costa Rica.

Come to Mario Garita MP Dental Implants and make your own Apple Challenge.

It happens to many of us, due to life circumstances, that we lose teeth. Many times we also leave a lot of time without taking care of our oral and dental health.

But it is never too late to have a complete dental treatment. And at Dr. Mario Garita’s Dental Clinic in Costa Rica, the prices are completely affordable, compared to prices in the United States, Canada or other countries in the world.

Crowns, Dental Veneers, All On 4, Dental Implants, everything is possible under the hand of the specialists of Mario Garita MP Dental Office.

So just smile again and bite apples, pears, or even coconuts with a new set of teeth. You can also take advantage of a well-deserved vacation during your treatment. All at affordable prices in Costa Rica with the quality of the United States.


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