The true about ranking in Costa Rica

Hello everybody this is Dr. Mario Garita talking to you again.

Today I want to bring a topic that has been on the table for quite a while, and now I think it’s time that we talk a little about it.

Why are we not listed on the ranking in Costa Rica?

I have received many inquiries from patients and future patients that ask me why are we not listed on the ranking in Costa Rica? 

I then answer: what ranking are you talking about? There is no such thing as rankings in Costa Ricathere is no official company that has come to our country to rank anybody in any way.

So what I explain to them and what I want to explain to you today is how Costa Rica works. 

Costa Rica is guided by laws that are quite well established.

First of all we have to be as dentist part of the Costa Rica dental board, which is what we do right when we come out of dental school and we are certified by them as an official dentist.

After coming back from completing our specialty, we are incorporated into the board as a specialist in whatever we decided to specialize in.

Once we have that accomplished there comes a time when we have to get all the permits to open up our dental practice, these permits are quite complicated to obtain because the board struggles to maintain a high level of quality in which we guarantee the health of our patients.

We are working with the health of human beings this cannot be taken lightly.

We also have to get the permits of the ministry of health; we have to get the permits from the medical social servicespermits from the county,  individual law, etc. etc.

Once we have all these cleared, we are able to open up our practices. It should then be in our capability to know what type of treatments we can perform in a predictable way that is easy to understand.

Its important to not only have knowledge you need experience in terms of years in practice.

After 27 years of practice in Costa Rica, I have seen there are certain companies that have been trying to push their way into Costa Rica that have little time working here they come into market and push their way in and try and settle in. I do not think that is the way to do things and specially lying about any specific ranking and things.

Once you get your office cleared by all these entities you can also have the benefit of being certified by Procomer, a governmental institution that has been certifying Costa Rica as a brand in the United States and Canada.

Part of Procomer is a Costa Rica brand called Essential Costa Rica. Essential Costa Rica is another type of prerequisites in order to give our patients peace of mind that they are coming to an authorized clinic. There are many offices of friends of mine and collogues that are also part of this group.

I just want to tell you about this because its important that our patients know we are part of Procomer – Essential Costa Rica and we, as Mario Garita Dental Experience, are certified with the country brand. This means we are committed to  excellence, sustainability, innovation and social progress.

  • Excellence and quality in the dental service we provide to you and excellence in our customer service.
  • Sustainability we are friendly to the environment and recycling and we help create a better world.
  • Innovation we focus on maintaining continues improvement having the latest technology treatments and procedures available.
  • Social progress we contribute to our community in many ways.

Having said that it is important for you to understand that Costa Rica works in a great way in helping patients from abroad giving them dental treatments at a fare price.

With that said I think its quite clear what my point is here and I just want to wish you a great year end and happy holidays and hope to see you soon.

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