Do Your Teeth Health Affect Your Life?

Oral health and dental aesthetics have big impacts on your lifestyle.

Achieving a healthy, confidence-building smile takes more than good oral hygiene. Aside from tooth loss from gum disease, tooth decay, or accident, your quality of life and self-confidence can also be affected by gaps between teeth or bite malocclusion (misalignment). Studies have shown a high correlation between dental aesthetics and oral health and their impacts on daily life and emotional wellbeing. We all know someone who hides behind her hand when smiling or laughing. Often, simple tasks such as eating or speaking, are adversely affected by poor dentition. Also, overall poor dental health and tooth misalignment can cause head and neck pain.

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Similarly, your personality profile can influence your perception of the quality of your daily life: a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. If you’re not happy with the appearance or health of your teeth, it’s far more likely your attitudes toward daily life are also impacted, regardless of your demographics: age, education level, etc. Further, if your ability to chew, taste, or speak is affected, you’re less likely to be satisfied with the condition of your teeth.

These considerations are factors Dr. Garita and team consider in preparing a treatment plan beyond tooth repair, such as crowns, root canals, filling cavities, and general cleaning. If your treatment plan includes high-cost procedures like implants or straightening, it makes sense to consider dental tourism to Costa Rica.

A full-mouth restoration can cost nearly $40,000 in the U.S. to replace lost teeth or correct malocclusion, while in Costa Rica, the cost is about half that amount. Similar savings apply to crowns, veneers, implants, and inlays. Other cosmetic procedures done in Costa Rica, such as Clear Aligners and All on 4 ®, can be a fraction of the cost of the same procedures done in the U.S.

Dental health is one of the last things people think of when seeking to improve the quality of their lives. An integrated mind-body approach to health care that includes dentistry is far more likely to produce a desired outcome in appearance and oral health. A good dentist takes these considerations into account when developing a treatment plan.

With Dr. Mario Garita, a pioneer in Costa Rica’s dental tourism, this is what you get: a confidence-boosting smile and an improved quality of life, with a vacation in a tropical paradise.

Dr. Mario Garita, a pioneer in Costa Rica’s dental tourism, offers 20 to 30 million Americans an opportunity for much-needed care they otherwise couldn’t afford. The end result is a confidence-boosting smile and an improved quality of life, with the added benefit of a vacation in a tropical paradise. Get in touch with the highly trained staff to talk about what they can do for you.

Teeth health affect your life, your couple life, inclusive.

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